Index of Songs

  1.  -- hi how's it going? from Dork
  2. hi, how's it going?
  3. (The Girl I Like is a) Diesel Dyke from Dork Radio EP
  4. -- again with the banter? from Dork
  5. -- banter so witty you'll plotz from Dork
  6. -- blah blah blah from Dork
  7. -- does this dork ever shut up? from Dork
  8. -- even wittier banter from Dork Radio EP
  9. -- just shut up and sing already from Dork
  10. -- more witty banter from Dork Radio EP
  11. -- no wonder you don't get laid, you talk too much from Dork
  12. -- witty banter from Dork Radio EP
  13. -- witty yet heretical banter from Dork
  14. -- yadda yadda yadda from Dork
  15. -- you know you could fit a lot more songs on this album if there wasn't so much witty banter from Dork
  16. -- you taped that? from Dork Radio EP
  17. 6 months from Folk Remedy
  18. Albatross from Folk Remedy
  19. All from Folk Remedy
  20. Amy & Ani from Folk Remedy
  21. Ballad of a Skank Ho from Dork
  22. Betrayal
  23. Bite Me from Dork
  24. Blow Me from Folk Remedy
  25. Clap You Fuckers Clap from Dork
  26. Cubicle Girl from Folk Remedy
  27. Diesel Dyke from Dork
  28. Dough from Folk Remedy
  29. Feminist Cowgirl from Mars from Deeply Flawed
  30. First Days of Love from Folk Remedy
  31. Fuck You (and the sport utility vehicle you rode in on) from Dork
  32. Hard Travelling
  33. I Got Stoned from Deeply Flawed
  34. Jesus Owes Me $50 from Dork
  35. Jump on a Cross and Die from Dork
  36. Kicked in the Butt by Love from Folk Remedy
  37. Lately Your Picking
  38. License to Dad
  39. Living with Dante from Folk Remedy
  40. Mini Van America from Deeply Flawed
  41. Missing You from Dork Radio EP
  42. My Soul Ain't Got No Soul from Dork
  43. Napoleon's Watergate from Folk Remedy
  44. Nothing's Like it Should Be
  45. Patsy Cline from Folk Remedy
  46. Prom Vomit from Deeply Flawed
  47. Rejection
  48. Sex With You from Folk Remedy
  49. Some Girls from Folk Remedy
  50. Surrogate Guy from Deeply Flawed
  51. Suzy Sang Softly from Deeply Flawed
  52. Sweet Queen Jane
  53. Talkin' Warsaw Ghetto
  54. Thank You
  55. The Ballad of Abraham Gottlieb
  56. The Day I Woke Up as Bruce Springsteen from Deeply Flawed
  57. The Day I Woke Up as Bruce Sprinsteen from Dork
  58. The Feel Like I'm Gonna Cut My Head Off Blues
  59. The Gaucho Named Klaus from Deeply Flawed
  60. The Goucho Named Klaus from Dork Radio EP
  61. The Greg Brown Song
  62. The Other Madonna from Dork
  63. Time Flies
  64. Tool from Dork
  65. Uncivil Rights
  66. Unmitigated Freakshow from Folk Remedy
  67. UPS from Deeply Flawed
  68. Why Can't I Keep My Big Mouth Shut from Deeply Flawed
  69. Why I Didn't Call from Dork
  70. Worse from Folk Remedy
  71. You and My Career from Folk Remedy
  72. You Stabbed Me in the Back of My Mind from Dork Radio EP
  73. You're Done from Deeply Flawed