Thank You

She was a hot girl, she was a cold girl, she was alone in this big train station
With a look upon her face a case of classic textbook desperation
Wondering how she got into this baby tee, how she got in this situation
What started of as freedom ended up as degradation.

His name was bootsy, he was a black man, he wore a white suit, he must've stood about 6 foot 2
He had a custom continental he had an el dorado too
He'd seen a thousand like her and he knew exactly just what to say and do
"Looks like you could use a sandwich girl, looks like you could use some money too"

Now I'm a lonely widower, but I'm young, I had just come back from the tomb
It's almost been a year, and it's almost been my doom
I'll catch the last train to the suburbs think about my poor dead spouse
We were supposed to have a home out there, but that place is just a house

We were gonna put in a pool get a dog, raise a family and grow old
Have barbecues in the summer time light a fire when nights get cold
But then the hospitals and the open gowns, fluorescent lights and beep machines
Doctor said, "I'll be frank, if I were you I wouldn't start war and peace."

Well as I looked at this waif I could tell she was fresh faced not too long ago
But dirt and grime and desperate times had spoiled freshness don't cha know
But if you squinted hard you could see where apple cheeks had recent sunken
And eyes that now were scared and sad were once her daddy's little punkin.

Well sunken eyes were nothing new, in fact once I used to love a pair
And actually this girl kind of looked, like my poor wife 'cept the girl had hair
What happened next I'll tell you how and maybe you could tell me why
I found my loafers ambling over to that pretty girl, my voice said hi.

Well its not like in those movies that they show on cable late at night
There's no witty banter repartee, in fact the words are brief and trite
She asks me if I want a date, a good time or perhaps a show
She says a number, I say "fine", she says "ok", I say "let's go"

Well I'll tell you now what I told her then, I had no intention of getting laid,
Seriously she was like a little kitten my wife would've wanted saved
When we checked into the carlton the concierge gave me a look
The only luggage that we had was her plastic purse and my powerbook

I guess if nothing else we were an ad for incongruity
Me in shirt and tie and her in mini skirt an baby tee
I swear to you I really had the semi-purist of intentions
Get this girl a shower a meal and clean sheets of immense dimensions

Well she showered for about an hour while I flipped the channels round
And when she emerged from a cloud of steam I thought my god what have I found
My fallen angel was wearing wings made of finest terry cloth
As innocently as she stretched my heart was found and quickly lost

Now I'd like to tell you that our night was pure and true like stars above
But you folks are smart you know we had sex, what you don't know is that we made love

Well it must have been three years ago since those first test results came back
I'd toss and turn in bed at night, teeth would gnash and dawn would crack
Biopsy malignancy had rendered me insomniac
George Foreman's grill and Ron Popeil, aerobed and nordic trac

But it wasn't til I heard the hotel door click shut that I woke up
Through crusty eyes I focused on the bedside glowing 12:00
Only midnight sad thought I, the consciousness had come too soon
But then the healing sunlight, Jesus Christ I slept till noon

With vigor'd step then up I sprang and to the window opened wide
So rested and relaxed I felt for the first time since my wife had died
It's only then I realized that "hey I shouldn't be alone"
I had a hooker here with me, I wonder where my waif has gone

well my question quickly answered as I looked down on the street below
As angel's getting smaller miniskirt tick-tocking to and fro
When up beside her swiftly swung an el dorado cadillac
But before angel disappeared at my hotel window she looked back

The green eyes that I'd stared into just a few hours earlier
Had just a trace less sunken sorrow, blond hair was clean and curlier

She looked up at me and I looked down through plexiglass and space
We both knew this would be the last look at each other's face
Well whether it's a spooky twist or just coincidence it's true
Our eyes locked and synchronized, our mouths both formed the words, "thank you"