I met you at a party where the band was hot
you were quite a dancer but i was not
you touched my arm and asked me if i'd drive you home
then you gave me a fake number for your telephone

this girl comes to a show and she seems in the mood
she laughed and danced and sang and cried, she didn't thing that i's too rude
i said lets go to my van i'd like to see you nude
she says, dorkboy i think something heres been misconstrued

i said i'd make you dinner i cooked cajun fish
red beans and rice you said it was your favorite dish
even got that stupid artfilm you'd been dying to see
so why's there no one lying in this bed with me

well here i am with my old friend rejection again
when others let me out, she always lets me in
she greets me with a smile and asks me where i been
i'm accepted by rejection again

over coffee we're discussing all your boyfriend woes
that alcoholic misantropic junkie so and so
you raise mug to lips with out a trace of irony
and ask why you can't find a guy who's more like me.

you were beautiful and tall andinto leonard cohen
we'd talk and talk for hours on the telephone
i said if i don't kiss you soon i'll go delirious
you laughed until you stopped and said.
o, you're serious

cute and smart and amerasian you was a gift from god
oriental eyes, and an occidental bod
we retired to my bedroom with such impressive haste
where you said, i got a boyfriend and he preferrs me chaste

junior high school dance i'm holding up the wall
i got my hands inside my pants i'm trying to find my...courage
dj plays in the air tonight off of face value,
i say heidi would you like to dance, she says yeah, just not with you.