Blow Me

from Folk Remedy

Lately he's eatin where I used to dine
The toothbrush he's usin, used to be mine
He's number 1, on your speed dial
A spot that I, held for a while

Well he takes his rest at, my side of the bed
Now it's his chest that, cradles your head
One thought gives me comfort, I feel better than worse
He's with you now, but I got there first

Well, I took what I wanted
Left him the rest
The second's he got
Were sloppy at best
I'd tell him to blow me
Blow me then spit
But in a roundabout way
He already did

Well he can't help but thinkin, when he's down underneath
Pickin strange hairs out of his teeth
And when he admires your flawless techique
He'll wonder if you learned it from me


Well I was at grape street, last Tuesday night
The bartender there was hearin me whine
He said that redhead, at 3rd and Monroe
I looked perplexed, I asked how did you know