First Days of Love

from Folk Remedy

Joanna had hair lit like softly spun flax
Her t-zone was oily, her b-zone was waxed
i liked the big of her eyes and the small of her back
When she asked me to pony her tail

We met by the pool where they roasted a pig
Her ass it was small, but her boyfriend was big
My lungs they lambadad, my heart danced a jig
She asked me to open her mail

She was from Amherst, but she wasn't gay
Not an anomaly back in the day
She said "here, rub this on me" I ogled "okay"
She said I had the key to her jail

Bad student, grad student, sad student hey
With some loans to defer and some pipers to pay
Heart full of Sartre and head de Beauvoir
She asked me to read her in braille

Don't you love feeling that you can't go wrong
You're third person omniscient and superman strong
Don't take it for granted
It's rare on the planet
You're in the first days of love

Well 18 months later we rang in the year
Witha fistful of flirts and a kegful of beer
But for every eye batting an eye sheds a tear
'Cept for Sandy and Sammy and Pete

Dick Clark was dicking around in New York
The apple was falling and so was the dork
I was so done you could stick in fork
When Joanna came right up to me

4,3,2,1, the band played Auld Lang Syne
She placed her torso adjacent to mine
I felt tongue on my lip, I felt chill on my spine
And a finger invading my sleeve

I said "what of the boyfriend" she said "history"
I said "what of the future" she said "mystery"
I said "what of your breath?" and she smiled "listerine"
With her theorems all I did agree


For 17 days we didn't go out,
We'd have sex watch some football then order kung pau
But her sosh classes called her, she couldn't stay south
So I put her back on a train

Of course it turned sour, it didn't take long
But that really isn't the point of this song
Sometimes I still think of that beautiful blond
Who caused me to write those quatrains


Well there's bubbles for bursting so let me be frank
The one you're with may turn out to be a skank
But those first few nights her
Brains like Albert Schweitzer
As you sit by the fire
She's like your messiah
You're in the first days
The're far from the worst days
Blissfully submersed days
Lips constantly pursed days
Every day's Thursday
No need to rehearse days
The doctor and nurse days
Yes you're in the first days of love