Napoleon's Watergate

from Folk Remedy

Well even Napoleon had his watergate
Like a kid with all the food touching on his plate
Your tits may make me look your way
But even your blowjobs couldn't get me to stay
It was something that you said combined with something that I ate cause
Even napolean... had his watergate

Just like Eli Wallach and his cotton jin
You just missed it by that much again
Now the yankee stadium camera is on your face
And so is a glob of this mornings toothpaste
You stumble round a metaphor of a point you cant make
Cause even napolean... had his watergate

Well if friendship is a vessel where you keep your drink
How come you spit your kamikaze out in my sink
You think you can use me for a screw and a song
And eventually something better comes along
When you say that you read it, I know you just watched Ricki Lake
Cause even Napoleon had his watergate

Well you tell me that gladly the cross youd bear
If there was just some way it wouldnt fuck up your hair
A friend in need is a call you screen
While you idly thumb through last months Cosmo magazine
You take the survey and you poorly rate
But hey even Napoleon had his watergate

You cay Cambodias Vietnam to the Vietcong
You might be right but I still tell you youre wrong
You're thinking you're a new age witch, raised in a coven
But I never seen a coven with a microwave oven

At a party youre Dale Earnhardt with two lead feet
But when we leave you're walking to the passenger seat
You and Achillies read the cliffs notes to Macbeth
But you sleep right through the midterm on his marble chest
You wanna instantly gratify your urge to wait
But even Napoleon had his watergate

Well your wheels are mount and balanced but you are not
So you try to relax with your roommate's pot
Which loosed a paranoid princess like you on me
Christ you got 32 flavors of pathology
You unpack you baggage from a giant crate
Cause even Napoleon had his watergate