from Folk Remedy

Your promises are measily
Your cancellations weasely
Your histrionics easily
Obscure the things that need to be
Discussed with trust rationally
Somewhere besides this eatery
How come you're always forcing me
To be the one who under re-
Acts to drama queenery
And stare at urban scenery
Which makes me very ornery
You tell me that you're leaving me
But babe you're not deceiving me
Cause distribution evenly
Would sure be something new to me
Besides you get your rent for free
It's time to face reality
Like a luster free destiny
You're what fate's in store for me

You know I must've been bad in a previous life
Maybe killed somebody's husband maybe raped somebody's wife
But don't get me wrong, without you I'd be lost
Please don't take away my little albatross

Well I'm tired of you grooming me
So I can meet your family
You showed me all that afro sheen
At Wal-Mart that you bought for me
While basking in the after-gleam
I swear I had the strangest dream
Sort of an epiphany
Bout hanging from the rafter beam
Create a new mythology
A variant of tragedy
When not steeped in antiquity
Can still evoke a comedy
Perhaps cause its all Greek to me
You tell me that it's privacy
It feels much more like secrecy
I ponder what a geek I'd be
Expending all that energy
To toss you out like your debris
And spend my perpetuity
Alone and lonesome lonely
With only pro ho's boning me
Cause you're what fates in store for me


So now I rhyme like ancient mariner
I eat like Karen Carpenter
I gotta girl who sharpens her
Nails to points a harbinger
And makes her hairdo oranger
And doesn't have her car insured
Is certain that she isn't sure
Who's warden and who's prisoner
She found a bra that isn't hers
And she began to whizz and whirr
I told her she should listen here
I felt like Henry Kissinger
She asked my why I'm dissin her
She asked how come I'm pissin her
Off, and why cant we return
And have it be like we once were
Cause you're what fate's in store for me