Why Can't I Keep My Big Mouth Shut

from Deeply Flawed

Well I wish that I could go back
To the way things were before
But I just heard myself
Call your wife a fucking whore
I can't believe I let those words
Trickly off my tongue
Life is nowhere near as simple
As it was when we were young
Trying to pick a movie
Was a different kind of fight
Really didn't matter who was wrong
And who was right
Now everyone is silent
In your brand new car
No way to apologize
Once you've gone that far
Just seven seconds earlier
Those words were in my head
Rattling around
Hoping never to be said

Why can't I keep my big mouth shut
Everytime it opens it just sucks in my foot
Jesus Christ, and I an idiot or what
Why can't I keep my big mouth shut

Me and this girl
Are getting heavy on her couch
I'm giving her my best moves
And you know that she's no slouch
Well later during the movie
I hear her muffled sobs
She looks at me and breaks down
I offer her a shishkabob
She said that our relationship
Has grown stagnent and lame
I hear me say I love you
And I call her her full name
Her big brown saucers red from crying
Light up her whole skin
Jesus Christ, I can't believe
I'm in this mess again


Flashing in the rear view
Blue red blue red blue
I curse the fascist pig
And I hear stormtrooper boots
Do you know how fast you're going
No sir, I do not
Have you been drinking
Are you on crack, smack, shrooms or pot
Forever on the shoulder
I don't have a hundred bucks
My mind is virtually vacant
Except for fuck, fuck, fuck
They tell me that it happened
When he shone that white light in my face
Where you coming from in such a hurry son
All I said was your wife's place
Once you let your secret thoughts
Out in the universe
You can't get it back again
You can't play life in reverse
You can't slurp your words
Back into your throat
And I'm beginning to think this song
Is one I never should have wrote