Xfest this weekend.

Xfest this weekend
Howdy Dorkophiles

I wanna shoot you a quick reminder that XFest is this weekend. And yes in the Philadelphia area it's currently 450.5 degrees, but as i'm sure you know Ray Bradbury is a fraud (or sucks at math) and paper actually burns at 450 Centigrade, which is like 800 Fahrenheit, so feel free to bring your hello kitty journals to the park and scribble like woody guthrie on deadline.

but, i have even better news. friday and saturday, (the xfest days) it's gonna be 86 and 78 respectively. (seriously). also their will be over 1000 puppies on the festival grounds available for snugglin'. Unicorn rides will be available on sat. afternoon and that one girl from your work who's a total bitch will be in the dunking tank from 4-6.

also theres kick ass music including.

The Turnips (a parsnips tribute band)
Pesky J. Nixon. (with the Agnewdes)
Hoots and Hellmouth (a good get, huh)
The Bucks Band School of rock (lil 9 year olds playing zeppelin and zappa better than Jimmy Page and Ruth Underwood)
Carla Ulbrich (I wish i had the copyright on the word Ulbrich)
the Punkabillys (baroque quartet)
Adam Brodsky (Excellent Parallel Parker)
Rosevelt Dime (advocates of base 10 and cousin marrying)
Peter Stamfel (not only did they name rounder records after him but also probably invented antilfolk by accident one night in 1959)

so seriously, i give this festival 7 opposable thumbs up. if you're at all thinking about going, and don't, you'll be like Abraham  Zapruder's friend "hey, abe, i'm swamped here at work, and it's gonna be a nightmare out there, do me a solid and tape it for me. Peace"

Ok, that's all, i'm keeping this short, since i see a fly honey over there a-scribbling in her journal. so i must tweet her a picture of my cock.

you can see that picture here. http://www.xfsmusic.org/

that's about it for xfest. just one more thing.

Thank you so much for all the house concert requests! Quite frankly, I hadn't expected so many requests! But you Dork fans have scattered to the four corners of the globe, so I was thinking of adding some club dates to fill in some travel dates in towns where people want to see a show, but don't want me in their house (who could blame you). If that's you, email me the name of a club that you'd enjoy seeing me play. Also if you still want a house concert but just didn't get around to emailing (who could blame you), please email me. adam@adambrodsky.com

ok, that's alls i got fer now. see you at the XFest, i'll be the one in the kissing booth with no line.

thanks as always.

updated: 11 years ago