Yes that is Ellis Paul behind Woodys guitar

This is the night Woody and I invented folkmusic. (i won't say which night) He wanted to sing about how hard it is to be a boss and own railroads, I said, maybe we should sing about workers and stuff…he was skeptical.

It is with an uncharacteristic mix of pride and prejudice* that i am able to inform you that I have been asked to play the Philadelphia Folk Festival. So allow me to humbly say


i mean, "yeah, y'know the folk festival? yeah, i decided to play it this year. no biggie."

If you've ever spoken to me for more than 35 seconds, you know this is a HUGE deal to me, of the magnitude of that Threesome with Susanna Hoffs and Amy Grant I'm always going on about.

You know the big huge Martin Guitar Main stage?…well i'll be playing next to it on the Tank stage on Saturday Afternoon 8/21/10 from 13:30 to 15:30. it's a workshop with some of my good friends and favorite songwriters. Lets play mix and match, shall we?

  1. The only guy who's wedding I ever best-manneded**
  2. My favorite Stroke Victim
  3. The Third funniest Satirist in the USofA***
  4. The Quartifiably Bitchenest Babe‡ in the long and storied history of bitchen babes
  5. Some Dork
    A. Carla Ulbrich
    B. Barry Rabin
    C. Deirdre Flint
    D. Butch Ross
    E. Doctor Okay

    I Know what you're saying‡‡ You're saying Adam…and then your voice trails off mostly because you've lost interest, but partly because you just received a text and you have terrible cel etiquette.

    but i'll keep going…our workshop is called "funny Ha-Ha or Funny Peculiar?" and reminds me of that joke about the cannibals. Anyway, you gotta like a workshop title that poses a question. cause it's like interactive and stuff. at least at the end you can proffer your opinion. via applause (if it was Haha) or hissing and fruit tossing (peculiar)‡‡‡

    so if yr going to the folkfest c'mon down and see our version of "last comic strumming" and if not, then stay tuned, i've got some interesting and exciting stuff hap'nin' in sept and oct.

    on 9/9 i'm playing at the northstar with two of my favorite ladydudes Steph Hayes,

    and Bitch

    the next night at the WCL i'm helping out with the Philly Song Shuffle where 50 musicians play one song each with no changeover. so if you don't like somebody, just wait three minutes. it's kind of cool check it out here

    and then on 10/16 I'm playing an opening set of songs at the grape room
    providing support for Steph Hayeseseseseses new record. (coming out on Permanent Records no less)

    I've got other plans too, but they are frankly none of your goddamn business so finish your coffee and get back to work you slacker.

    but really,
    nice to hear from you and thanks as always for reading and listening and everything like that.

    i really am quite fond of some of you.

    youse can catch up wit me here. and here if you gots somfin' to say.

    oh, and did i mention, i'll be playing the Philadelphia Folk Festival?


    *and zombies

    **There was a Hurricane and the Marriage itself lasted less than a full congressional term so, you might wanna pause before you ask me to put on a suit for you.

    ***and the funniest lawyer since Johnny Cochrane.

    ‡Pound for pound

    ‡‡I actually have no idea what you're saying.

    ‡‡‡Though panty tossing is always encouraged, i warn you, there are 5 of us on stage, so if you don't trust your aim, or you just don't have your good stuff today, you might wanna think twice, as an errant thong might have you spending quality time with the wrong folk singer.

updated: 11 years ago