Time Flies

I was standin on the corner
Back when there used to be corners
I was thinkin I might call her
Back when there used to be phones
I was sitting in the kitchen
Back when there used to be kitchens
I was thinkin of a time
When I wasn't so alone

I wrote your name inside my notebook
Back when I used to have notebooks
We'd usually wake your parents
Back when we used to have sex
So we'd go to the movies
Back when there used to be movies
I would dig the dialog
You'd dig the sound effects

Time flies like an arrow
To you my darling dear I do beseech
Yes, time flies like an arrow
But fruit flies, like a peach

One time you got me grounded
Back when I used to get grounded
But I snuck out the window
And met you at the mall
We made out in the food court
Before there used to be food courts
Then finished in the back seat
While we watched the foliage fall

I wrote you a love song
Back when I used to write love songs
My friends called me a pussy
Back when I used to care
I was your first sweetheart
Back when I was a sweetheart
When all my ties were thin
And there was mousse all in my hair


Just the other Wednesday
I saw you in the wawa
Pick a pack of pampers
For your brand new baby's butt
You didn't recognize me
I said, "hey it's me, it's Adam"
Behind your eyes a window
That you'd rather have left shut

Watched your minivan turn the corner
I guess we still got corners
I guess that I wont call you
Up on your cellular phone
I'm sitting in my kitchen
Wondering how I got a kitchen
Thinkin that I knew the bride
Back when she used to rock and roll