Uncivil Rights

Hey, Mr. President, you can have my civil rights
just leave me one or two to use when I go out Friday night.
There's lots of evil doers out there who hate democracy
so we must give up our freedom to preserve our liberty

You might wanna question my neighbor, search his place, take him downtown.
He's either Buddist or he's Muslim, I forget, but hey, he's brown.
Either way, what I'm trying to say is he ain't like me and you
and, listen here, why should I fear, everybody loves the Jews.

Well, stop me on the highway, search my car and my cavaties,
delve into my past like I'm a supreme court nominee.
If I don't got nothing to hide, then why should I complain?
And if I don't like it, I can always live with Castro or Hussein.

Well, I'm a real American, I bought a little flag
to prove I aint no commie, fascist, muslim, pinko fag.
I hang it from my window to show how much I care -
just don't ask me if I owned it when them big buildings still stood there.

I'm an atheist so I wont get pissed if you take away amendment the first.
And freedom of the press? Well, who do i look like? William Randolph Hearst?
Peacable assembly? Redressin grievances? Boy, that sounds like hippie talk.
We don't need your words, man, aint you heard? All the doves have turned to hawks.

Well, I love the constitution, but we need a new edition,
not a total demolition, just a small redefinition.
Lets commit now to the mission, make a couple small additions -
like the use of intuition to declare the opposition.

As I'm thumbing through the articles I offer admonition
at the dangerous omission of a law against sedition.
You neednt be a politician or a nuclear technition
to make a requistion for a couple new submissions.

I heard Mr. Bush say, Theres a new kind of war out there!
Apparantly its the kind you don't gotta get congress to declare.
I heard Mr. Lott say, there ain't no minority, then he glared at Mr. Gephardt, who nodded sheepishly.