one said you'll betray me one said you're probably right
one put on a trojan and one put on a crown
one went up and one went down

it aint nothing new
it happened in the garden
its gonna happen to you
adam said to eve babe this is one sweet gig
we ain't a getting older and i dig these figs
everything we dream become reality's stuff
eve she looked at adam and said "pookie, it just aint enough, here eat this"


a pre teen girl was hearing voices in her head
but it wasn't joey lawrence it was god instead
he said hey hey joanie raise an army take france
but where was the lord when they set fire to her pants

if you getting laid and got it made in the shade
you gonna get betrayed open your heart and feel the steel of the blade

i picked up carrie for the junior prom
i firmly shook her dad i gently schmoozed her mom
i wouldn't have spent 20 bucks on a corsage
if i knew she'd lose her cherry in the back of larry's dodge


well you can rub noses makin all your friends queesy
make hard love and make it look easy
find the lid for your pot, the tape for your duct
but the more you love her when she's gone the harder you'll be fucked by

chorus 2
its as old as the hills
when your heart throws a party
your head foots the bills.