You and My Career

from Folk Remedy

I woke up this morning to the sound of the bombs
Actually its my TV well actually my mom's
But before my morning cup I could've had a heart attack
Lucky I don't live in Kosovo or Iraq
And read Sun Tzu
And shed a tear

There's a girl on my block with a belly out to here
Walks to philadeli buys a 40 oz beer
Asks the woman at the counter for unfiltered chesterfields
Weird thing is I don't really think that's really weird
All I can do
Is act cavalier
Cause all I can think about is you
And my career

Well you hardly hear bout no one stringing black folks up these days
That's so 1964 now we got a new craze
More and more states are saying we don't care if you're queer
Do what you like just don't do it here
Why don't you move
Another hemisphere

Well lots of folks getting uppity, confused bout where their niche is
Forgetting to remember their civil rights are just a privilege
People putting due process through porn star style contortions
Til logic dictates shootin doc's who dare to do abortions
My aim is true
And in God I fear

Well it turns out that the Swiss were neutral by the billion
There's no blood in our chocolate we just financed all the killin
We'd love to give the dough back but the owners are unknown
Think of that next time you peel the gold foil off your toblerone
Is it gold from Jews
Or Swiss financiers

Well it may be idyllic but it seems
Simple to me, everyone should have the right to end their life with dignity
But a doctor who would dare to advocate this heresy
Is like Jesus stripped of title by the devil's deputy
And people who
Kowtow to fear