Living with Dante

from Folk Remedy

Reckless sleep
And yesterday's greif'll
Never make up for tomorrow
After lunch you lose your brunch
And in the punch I have a hunch
You'll find a bucket lined with sorrow

You obsess about time
Like me with rhyme
You can't be late and you can't be early
Your always batter
Dipped and fried
Your favorite stooge and your potatoes are curly

Well you think you're a musician
At least that's what your wishin'
Cause you're shaking on that egg
Well I ain't Franz Liszt
But I still get pissed
So you better lead me out to the keg

Just play me a funky bassline
Please don't make me do time
In the three chord soup line
With a rhyming dictionary

I'm singing for my supper
Mixing beaujolais with uppers
And I think I'm 'bout to rupture my
Folk sensibility

Well I did my best
at the rorschach test
But they just looked like some ink spots
But like Catherine Deneuve
With something to prove
You kept sayin' that they looked like pig snot

There was Kentucky rain
On the Georgia plains
When I met Kansas city mo
She had Wisconsin cheese
'Tween her toes and fleas
Where her hair used to grow and flow

You had a fleshy palm
And a face like a psalm
The messiah in a sun dress
The Tibetan monks
And the proto punks
And me desire to watch you undress

An afternoon sun shower
Lasting nearly half an hour
Lucky as a love that don't go sour
Until I figured it out

What seemed rare and elusive
Turned out to be abusive
Cause if you don't live where I live
You're not getting doused

Like Roberta Flack
Hooked on smack
I's killed softly but not by a song
I took the cure du jour with a Juarez whore
But it wasn't where I belonged

Me and her got wrecked
And I called collect
But you wouldn't accept the charges
I held a beer to my ear
And through the phone I did hear
The sound of nookie in the margins

Well a curt retort
You in my boxer shorts
Cause you know I think you look so hot
I'm drawn to your womb
It's my own fleshy tomb
Your noose is my lover's knot

Smoky faces linger
On the palate of the singer
He tries to scrape them with his finger
But they mingle near his uvula
You lost your franking privilege
When you ceased to live where I live
And now the head that you give
Is a plea to prove your love

I was a bird of the night
That you held too tight
You know you crushed me like a sparrow
Now if you were in need
I'd just let you bleed
Get your grubby hands off my marrow

Connie Chung
And elephant dung
Don't make much of a combo platter
I was the duke
But you were jean-luc
We dined with your auntie matter

Well your tartan plaid
Made the Spartans mad
And the Athenians headed for Greece
You left the parthanon
Like it was old Saigon
With your amarasian niece

I'll give you a head start
You can try and take the bed apart
What we got here's a dead shark
And too much is enough
After years of isolation
There's no reconciliation
Just the numbing tribulation
Of splitting our albums up