from Folk Remedy

About 45 minutes 'fore the dawn of time
We crawled out of the primordial slime
Outgrew our scales grew out our legs
Hatched ourselves from the dinosaur eggs
Livin large like a stegosaur
Didn't see the meteor
Mammals meant as something that T-Rex ate
Grew thumbs and a bipedal gait
When homo habilis invented the stone tools
Made the other animals look like stone fools
Manifest destiny was our fate
So we all shacked up in the city states
The world was ready for Jesus Christ
When he come everybody said Jesus Christ

The middle ages sure did bite
Lessin you count the invention of moveable type

Everybody's sick and tired of waiting
For the Renaissance so they could start painting
Industrial revolution
Caused industrial pollution
Marx tried to set the worker's free
While Europe downsized its monarchy
Like the arch-duke Ferdinand started the great war
I aint never seen so much gore
War to end all wars, guess that's true
Lessin you count Hitler and World War II
Hippies tried to change the world
But they were way too stoned and they dressed like girls
Welcome to the information age
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