Ballad of a Skank Ho

from Dork

Well you think you're so hot
With your precious white twat
Swinging that thing
Singing ready or not
You think everybody wants you
But in fact you little cunt you're
Gonna be so disappointed one day
Well you think you got it all
Sit on your bed and screen your calls
But one day your mattress back'll
Be against the wall
But don't even think about it
Cause my life is too crowded
To listen to a thing you got to say

You think that everybody wants you and it's probably true
And just between you me and the wall... I do too

Well I know you had to ditch me
Cause I knew about your history
And with me hangin round
You couldn't be miss mystery
Now your dressing up real pretty
Like you're queen of New York City
But I know you pay your rent in Bayonne
At that bar that we got juiced in
Where we read each other Proust in
Remember it was me who taught you
Houston not Houston
At our table holding court
With your stable full of dorks
Pickin out the one who'll take you home


Now my eyes are soaked in saline
You can hear my plaintive wailing
As I think of all the guys
That you're up on our futon nailing
You do all the tricks I taught you
Wear that thingy that I bought you
And post coital coyly cuddle conquest close
Well I threw the I-ching
It said forget about miss thing
In the orient they know about
The heartbreak girls can bring
Call my machine and say hi
Like not a day has gone by
Make me wanna punch you in the nose