Bite Me

from Dork

I came home last night to an empty house
A note beside the light said that you were moving out
You told me you don't love me
You don't even like me
Honey bite me

Bite me

Well I'm just a folk singer, I aint never had a hit
Unlike the Beatles I don't think I'm hot shit
So when I asked the queen if she might knight me
I got an envelope sealed with wax, opened it up and it just said.... bite me


I got stopped by the cops on the way to Mardi Gras
Placed my license in the state trooper's paw
$149 he drawled he would cite me
Officer, bite me... (I don't remember much after that)

Mr. Goldfarb said that he wont have me back
He don't like my language and he don't like my act
Forget the crowd went wild, he'd rather spite me
Larry, bite me