Fuck You (and the sport utility vehicle you rode in on)

from Dork

You say we got to pay homage to your sacred ground
But you broke your promise when the deal went down
You got the mineral rights and the equity
We got the broken homes and the HIV

I stuck to the party line like a fool
I got a pretty piece of parchment from a top ten school
Charged brand new loafers and I shined up the pennies
Now they're covered with grease from the late shift at Denny's
Some one lied to us and it's my hunch
Between the partridge bus and the brady bunch
All those ex-hippies dabbling in real estate
Found that where it was at was their taxable rate

We were gonna be the perfect genetically engineered consumers
We'd all have great jobs with great benefits and 401K's so they can cut out our tumors
But when I was a sophomore I began to hear the rumors
All the wealth was being hoarded by the neo baby boomers


I was expected to take my place on the street
Protect my property values keep my lawn real neat
Do just like my parents did
Have two incomes and two latch key kids
Your media world that kisses your anus
Couldn't exploit us until they could explain us
Now they can place the diet soda in the palm of our hand
Cause they've named us after Billy Idol's old band
Icons from Seattle look like dollar signs
Makes a feller want to splatter the walls with his mind
When a junkie in the morning wears the first clothes he grabs
And it starts and international fashion fad
A shotgun blast cause fame ain't your scene
Lands your face on the cover of People magazine
Your house is the home for MTV
It seems your Doc Martins are laced with Irony


There was a little genius got a BFA
He was gonna be a well respected painter some day
Til the "get a real job" lecture broke his spirit
The 3,142,795th time he did hear it
His dad got him a union gig he makes 30K
And he paints in his backyard on Saturday