Man the dope's that there's still hope

Man the dope039s that there039s still hope
man, the dope's that there's still hope

"Mostly True Stories"

Saturday, October 11, 2008 - 7:00 PM

The Tin Angel
20 S. 2nd St.
Philadelphia, PA, 19106

For Online Tickets:

For reserved seating, make a dinner reservation downstairs at Serrano

i think I'm gonna rename the pequod the patty sciaffa, because, like dear patty, she has now had the boss inside of her.

here's the whole story.

I'm minding my own business watching october baseball and i get a text from a large breasted jewish columbia* grad (and you all know how i adore those txts) i know that she, like all good jewish girls is a big fan of senator halfbreed and is even on staff at the philadelphia office of change. so she says and i quote "wuld u let Boss use ur RV?"

to which, i think, um, doesn't her boss have a motorcade and a private 747 and a network of domestic terrorists to drive him to all the places he must go.

so i inquire further...turns out that by boss she, of course means the asbury park deity. who is driving down in his limo to strum a few acoustic tunes for parkway perambulators. I give her all the caveats about the pequod being kind of short, stubby even.** i send a few blurry craigslist style pictures, and apparently the boss's people were not displeased, (mostly cause it was that or have him stand outside where the great unregistered would have a chance to look directly at him and sap his superpowers) so now we begin negotiations....

i insist that if the abbot of asbury park wants to hang out in my 28 square feet, i've got some non-negotiable*** demands,

  1. I insist on opening the show
  2. i insist on a $5000 honorarium against the door
  3. i want 100% of my merch and 15% of the total bar.
  4. i want my own intern to follow me around and make sure I'm happy#
  5. i want a 30 minute audience with the pope of new jersey so i can play him all the songs i wrote after "greetings from asbury park" got stuck in the tapedeck of my old honda

they countered with the following offer.

you can come to the show and sit up front.

i said, can i bring a date?

they said. good luck you hideously ugly troll of a man.

deal, see you tomorrow.

so i dropped my baby off on the parkway and left the keys inside, watched the show at a close enough range to see that the Boss ougtta hire someone to trim his nose hairs. and that, dear dorkateers is the closest i came to actual starfucking.

but i heard that they registered a fuckload of folks all of whom intend on voting for Hopey the clown. now all we have to do is wrest the voting machines away from the oligarchy. then and only then will the vote tallies correlate with those fascinating instant like/hate lines on the bottom of the CNN screen.

but that's all secondary. right now the polls say that barry would pretty much have to kiss a white woman on TV blow this lead. (of course as october surprises go, that would be a doozy)

but more importantly, many of you know, and the rest of you are about to, i am honored to be treading the sacred boards this saturday with steph hayes as she releases upon the world, "mostly true stories" her second Permanent Record Release and the best one yet. She and i are gonna share the bill as co-headliners. We're gonna play the show as the two headed folk monster we'll sit up there and trade songs. some of you have seen this in action, some haven't, but it ends up having a pretty good gestalt coefficient.

we actually invented this while touring this spring, trying to decide who should play first. While in boston at a house concert we were presented with these two really cool high barstool type things with cushy orange padding. we decided we'd sit on them, and chang and eng the two headed folkmoster was born.

below i've included the press release that we sent to the media types.

as you know, i don't play shows with the frequency that i used to. i've become that old bull, not that it wasn't fun being the young one. but...well you know how the fable goes.
anyway, this is a big show, at a wonderful listening room with one of my favorite songwriters. so even if i wasn't obligated to be there, i'd still come just to see the show. i realize that october 11th is the same day that everyone decided to do everything there are many many entertainment options ranging from staying home and downloading porn, going up to godfrey daniels and watching lisabethweber download porn. or going to west philly and seeing todd young and edo kick it OOOOOOOOOOOld school. While all of these events are wonderful ways to spend an evening only the tin angel me and steph can provide you with the pansexual appeal that you as a bicurious mammal crave.

seriously, if you're not attracted to steph, you're...well you're a dude. and dudes like my songs cause they're about chicks...and the government...and jesus,

anyway, i am giving my show the highest recommendation in that i guarantee that i personally won't suck. i've even practiced##.

as you may or may not also know, the tin angel has a pleasant restaurant downstairs. and if you decide to dine at serano before the show, you'll get reserved seats right up front, in the watermelon smash zone. and what's more, i think they'll actually hold the show up if you are still downstairs sipping coffee and sharing the tiramisu. I'll have to wait until you decide i can start. Lets face it, the era of the workers of the world uniting is prolly over, you can say power to the people, but we let them steal our country and they're not gonna give it back. So if you must flex your muscle by having an arabica refill, so be it. I am happy to sit in my dressing room and wait.

Oh, one more thing, Steph taylor will open the show. i don't know anything about her other than she comes with steph's recommendation. (and i think she's queer for las chicas)

so to recap. I've emerged from guantanamo bay### and am making a very rare appearance with steph hayes and steph taylor on the night of a thousand stephs*#.

I'd love to see you there, its a record release and a prison release. so you get in free if you wear an orange jumpsuit, with no bra.

below the footnotes you'll find the press release.

if you have any questions, there are plenty of people you can contact, including myself.

*not columbian

**though it is of above average girth

***meaning VERY negotiable

#and not the large breasted lion, she's like my little sister....but a barnard girl would do fine.

##a little, and mostly it was to impress bruce.

###where antonin scallia recently ruled that my folksongs were cruel and unusual and could not be administered to detainees in lieu of more humane naked pyramids

*#well 2 actually

Permanent Records Presents

The Story of the Two-Headed Folk Monster
featuring  Steph Hayes & Adam Brodsky

Oct 11, 2008
@ The Tin Angel
20 S. 2nd St.
Philadelphia., PA 19106


For press inquires contact:  
Amanda Leahy  ·  267.254.0928  ·

Philadelphia, PA - October 11, 2008 - The Tin Angel
The Story of the Two-Headed Folk Monster

The Legend:
A two month vacation that turned into a four year hiatus, saw Adam Brodsky spending a good chunk of time at Guantanamo Bay using his special brand of folk music as an interrogation tool to locate weapons of mass destruction. Though boasting an extraordinary rate of efficacy, legal wranglings and the pussies in congress opted for waterboarding as a "more humane" means of information extraction. Meanwhile, Steph Hayes, stateside launched countrywide dorkhunt. Though she found no dork, she did find about 2 dozen road songs. Songs of cocaine whores, sleazy motels and unrequited love.

Irony being what it is, the wawa in fishtown brought these too together. "We must book a show at the Tin Angel", they sang out at once (in harmony).  This show is unprecedented in it's duality. Adam and Steph will be performing as The Two-Headed Folk Monster. On stage together, the show takes on the frenetic  energy of two songwriters double-booked in a coffee shop in Des Moines on a Tuesday. Their thirteen year friendship makes even a big gigantic show such as this seem small, intimate even. They will be playing alone and together exhibiting a chemistry that is at once sexy and asexual. Join them for this very special evening...or risk waking up in a CIA prison in Cairo.

Steph Hayes Live CD Release
"Mostly True Stories"

Steph Hayes tours the country and writes everything down. Recorded live, "Mostly True Stories" includes 12 new songs about livin' on the road, sleazy motels, cocaine whores and unrequited love. Includes storytelling and audience participation.

Adam Brodsky returns to the Philly stage

Anti-Folk hero, Guinness World Record holder and record label owner Adam Brodsky returns to the Philadelphia stage. Adam has plans for a new a record in 09 and tours with Steph, to bring the dubious word back to the people. And so he formally returns to the stages of America. Starting with Tin Angel; sharing one of his favorite 8x8 squares with one of his favorite songwriters.

Adam Brodsky & Steph Hayes

"Mostly True Stories"

Saturday, October 11, 2008 - 7:00 PM

The Tin Angel
20 S. 2nd St.
Philadelphia, PA, 19106

For Online Tickets:

For reserved seating, make a dinner reservation downstairs at Serrano

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