PERMANENT RECORDS recording artist Steph Hayes and The Good Problems @ world cafe live

PERMANENT RECORDS recording artist Steph Hayes and The Good Problems nbspworld cafe live

she loves rock. and i love her.

So, the Thai government gets taken out about as often as a big titted cheerleader, and this coup was as bloodless as any other (all smothering perhaps?) but the constitution has been suspended, and martial law instituted(jealous george?). I honestly dont know whether this would have bode well or poorly for my impending bankok sex tour, but either way Ive decided to postpone. I think Ill just fill the tub with takout chicken tam ka and watch the ping pong ball scene from emanuelle, (since I found out that Thai world at epcot center is NOTHING like I was hoping)

Let me offer some sincere good wishes to my dear friend chris chandler and his 2-0 Saints, I am forced to do this now because now matter how much you want to believe, its not a mystery whats gonna happen to their season(death and taxes yknow) And with my beloved Eagles shifting into heartbreak gear with more alacrity than even a cynic like I could foresee, one must take ones joys where one may, and I may take them on September 30th at the world caf live in the city that is the birth canal of democracy* (excluding yknowGreece)

Permanent Records is pleased to announce that weve gone all gay. Steph Hayes is simply one of the best songwriters Ive ever met**, or will meet and right before she quit drinking she wrote a couple dozen doozies, a few of which are collected on her new record dirty beauty which will be released on the 30th on none other than Permanent Records.

You know that feeling you get in the front seat with a really good driver, somebody that pulls halfway into the intersection to make a left, and shifts from first to 3rd when going downhill?you can go to sleep and know that you will arrive in boston, safe and sound. You wont get lost, you wont get killt and you wont end up drumming for def leopard? Thats what its like listening to a steph hayes composition. Shell retread the universal and make it familiar without falling into lake trite. You can be sure that the phrases will be twisted and turned cleverly, but not too cleverlythere is a dork who shall remain nameless what sometimes gets buried under the weight of his own pith, smothering any fledgling thoughts he was trying to propone(but damn, hooker full of coffee rhymes so well with took her pill with taffyin a leonard cohen sort of way) but enough about that jerk. the dorky jewish atheist, not the Canadian jewish Buddhist.

What I want to recommend to you is that if you are proximal to the gig, you come out and see for yourself. I offer my moneyback guarantee with this one folksyou come, you hate it, you find me, Ill give you your dough back. Im that sure.  

check her out at the above link, you can listen to some songs, you can see picturestheres like a dozen people in the band, its like the doobie brothers only cuter and with a point.

Speaking of cute with no point. Can we talk about Senetor Maccacawitz for a second? As you know, Im not all that concerned when it comes to politics, but this guy is getting on my last nerve. Not cause hes a thinly veiled redneck racist with a confederate flag in his closet and a noose in his office and not because his dad was a stick up his butt cookies and milk coach. I mean I never liked his dad that much. I prefer my 1970s NFL coaches to cry like little girls. Or if butts, sticks and milk must be involved, gimme a big fat terse mormon telling me the time is mine. But all of this is trivial.

What bothers me most about this prick is that hes stupid, scary stupid.*** Look, allow me to speak (as I often do) for every single Jew in all of Christendom. George, go back to denying your kike roots, wed all prefer it that way. As horrified as your mommy is to have to admit that she killed your lordthats our reciprocal feeling toward your tribal pedigree.

Whats all this I hear about a maccaca? Look, he may be stupid, but he is not stupid enough to hurl a racial insult at a camera. That is the second rule of politics.% Assuming that he knew an obscure French epithet, is ludicrous because if he did, he would know not to say it to a camera taping evidence for his opponent to use.

I have a couple theories, none of which resolve with George being smart and clever enough to try to slide one past. Clearly, he was misquoting a less attractive^ member of his staff. The staff member had been bandying about an epithet of some sort, never for a moment thinking that the dipshit he was trying to get elected would mistake it for the guys real name, or an acceptable thing to call the guy, to his face, his camera and subsequently the entire republic.^^

Now here is my guess. And yes its a guess, and like the waistband on my favorite pants, its a little on the stretchy side. But years ago in the old world order back when you could go to the gate to meet a flight, I heard david Brenner talking to Johnny Carson about arabs and their names. Ali Make a Ka Ka was the name that got the biggest laugh, because scatology, though far from intellectual is very funny; Second only to dudes getting hit in the crotch at wedding or in the backyard. This was the adapted name culled from the depths of the memory of some staffer that saw the same Tonight Show as I. Because any of the lies that have been attempted as explainations are so silly (yeah, it was a mispronounciation of mowhawk cause of his haircut.) dude doesnt sport the hawk, nor does george live in so sheltered a world as to not know the name of that particular hairdo. (um didnt john riggings have one? Um didnt john riggings play for your dad? Unless riggo was still with the jetsnope, I just checked, 4 years under his daddy. I think your story falls apart there.

Anyway Im losing focus. The point is, this guy is an idiot. Not that Jim Webb is a 1600^#, that guys got issues too, and yeah, this is only VA, which is really just the state you drive through to get to JesUSA, but jerkass George has oval dreams and like I said, hes stupid enough to achieve them. So I propose a little budnipping if at all possible.^^^

But I digresswhat im really hear to hip you to is steph hayes and the good problems at the world caf live downstairs in the big room with the swimmers and mike brenners fantastic slomo.

Saturday September 30th.
World caf live.
World Cafe Live
3025 Walnut Street
Philadelphia, PA 19104

Oh, and during that one song you might even see me lending my golden voice to the proceedings.

Remember, I love you alland unlike alastair mooke. I dont mean just the cute ones.

*Philadelphia, Einstein.

**and one of the cutest boys

***meaning hes stupid enough to be president and thats scary
^read  smarter

% used to be number 1 but was replaced by dont let the intern blow you

^^yes, the revoloution will not be televised, but it will be on youtube.

^# which i guess is a 2400 these days...y'know if they had an essay section back in the 30s when i took 'em, my safety school would've been one jew short, and perhaps quinnipiac^##, or ithaca would've scored the dork.

^^^although a jewish president would certainly be a nice thing. Why cant Obamas mom have fought the Nazis? Huh? Is that too much to ask?

^## i only put the Q on my list cause i read some polling results that said it was a great school (and yes, bitches, i just footnoted a footnote^###

^###i sometimes do that.

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