World Record Authenticated: A Nation Rejoices


February 13th 2004

Between August 3rd and September 21st 2003, Adam Brodsky did what no other solo artist had ever done: He performed 50 concerts in 50 states in 50 days, eclipsing the previous record set at a leisurely pace of 60 days, by cheesy wisconsin folkstress lis harvey.

Playing one show per day in each of the fifty states and driving all but the non contiguous legs, adam logged over 25,000 miles and has joined the greats. um, that guy with all the cigarettes stuffed in his mouth, that chick with the 13 inch waist, and the fat twins on the minibikes.

Just last week the fine folks at Guiness World Records HQ offically certified adam's record with the following superlative ridden statement:

Current status:
Record accepted.  Congratulations - your record has been approved as an official Guinness World Record. You will receive your complimentary Guinness World Records certificate shortly. If you require any additional certificates, click here.

Did you hear that? Not just a Certificate, a Complimentary Certificate. As in FREE, as in, Gratis as in, no hidden charges. Clearly the GWR office is all a-titter with a palpable excitement not felt since Chesty Moore stopped by for an official measurement and to pick up some software, or perhaps since the day that word arrived, Hambone had gone off of his diet and eaten most of dick gregory's right leg.

Honestly adam was surprised by his excitement at reading of his record's certification, and is once again grateful to the literally hundreds of people who made the record possible.

"From the clubs and club owners who booked shows, often on nights when they didn't have music, or were even usually closed, to the wonderful people who came out on hot summer evenings to see a dork who hadn't slept or showered properly in weeks, perform songs about the president and chicks, to the wonderful dorkateers who donated money to a dream as foolish as it was expensive, to booking agent mary krause, who found 50 shows in a row in all the states, including 7 consecutive monday night gigs. seriously, try that sometime. you'd quit the buisness too, this only looks like a solo record, its far from it and i am humbled by the kindness of my wonderful fans."

In between february 20th and apri 9th 2004, adam brodsky will be playing a series of shows in the the northeast quadrant of the country (cause that's the most foolish place to travel in the months of february and march). Along with playing songs both new and old, and touring at a reasonable pace, adam will also be reprising his role of columnist for the philadelphia weekly.

Along with a minor focus on presidential birthplaces, and gravesites, This time the articles will focus on quirky roadside attractions; american stonehenge, world's largest collection of human hair, both of the worlds largest balls of twine. stuff like that.

then the press release concludes and has contact info and stuff like that.