What You Can Do To Help Your Favorite Musicians!

Get the word out

The absolute best thing you can do to help us is to get more people out to the shows.

Send emails to your friends - especially friends in new towns. Use our snazzy new e-cards with sound samples to promote shows. You get extra dork stamps for every friend who says you sent them.

Once you've convinced your friends to come out for a night with the dork, move on to strangers. Print the poster and hang copies up around town, in little record stores and wherever potential dork fans roam. If you want additional postcards to hand out at school or work, email mary, and she'll hook you up with whatever you need. And when you see other musicians you like on the schedule of that little bar or cafe in your town, drop them an email and let them know you're ready to work.

And make sure to play new music you like for your friends. You could put a few dork songs on a mix tape, or better yet, buy them a record. Sure you could burn them a copy, but if you really want to support tiny musicians and tiny careers you know that every $10 is precious to the small potatoes. And we want to make this easy for you...the more you buy, the more you save - click here for price breaks.

Another cool way to help is to tell local musicians that would be a good match to get in touch with us. We can usually help set them up with a show in Philly, if they can help Adam when he's out on the road.

Help set up shows


There are few ways that you can get the Dork booked at your favorite club. First, tell the club that you'd like to see him there. Then email mary so she knows to followup with a phone call. If you don't really talk to anyone at your favorite club, just email mary with your venue suggestions. She'll do her best to set something up.

House Concerts

If Adam has never been to your town, there's a good chance that you're the only fan living there. Surprisingly, "Adam can get one fan to show" is not really want clubs want to hear.

But that's okay, you can setup your own show. Email mary about setting up a house concert. Introduce your friends to the Adam Brodsky show in the comfort of your own home. Besides, house concerts are a really cool, fun way to spend an evening, and you'll be the envy of all your friends as the rockin dude with the cool party.

College Shows

College students, if you want Adam to play your school, tell your Activities Director. Most schools are happy to accomodate the requests of their students. And again, let mary know so she can make a followup call.

Local Tips

Do you know a cheap place for Adam to eat? A cool museum he needs to check out? A nice couch he can crash on? Send us a note, and let us know. We really appreciate the inside scoop from the locals.

Thank you to everyone who's been helping us out by coming to shows and turning your friends onto Adam's music. You guys rock!

DonÕt forget all of this is an investment, if by some bizzarre glitch in the nature of the universe, dorkus malorkus ever gets rock star huge, remember you will end up backstage knee deep in hookers and or blow. (but I wouldnÕt quit my day job if I was you)