Saturday, February 14, 2009   8:00

Philadelphia, PA

An Evening of Love Songs

Beautiful Mount Airy

Mt. Airy, Philadelphia, is alls ya get fer now
Philadelphia, PA Usa

phone: Adam Brodsky

Purchase tickets online: click here

Website: xfs+house+concert

moshi moshi

Single? Married? Neither? Both? Come to an evening of love songs with Adam Brodsky.
Saturday February 14th. 2009.

I'll be dusting off the old bitter chestnuts as well as showing you my soft side. either way, you're bound to leave the hizzy richer for the experience. plus, i hardly ever strum this thing anymore, much like nookie itself, when, an opportunity avails, you should carpe the fuck out of that diem.

Note: the show is a house concert in a respectable living room, which is IMO the best way both to give, and to receive a show, and what is VD about, if not, giving and (hopefully) receiving?

if'fn you wanna come out, you should go here for more info or you can email the fine folks at the XFS at

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