Saturday, October 11, 2008   7pm

philadelphia, pa

The two headed folk monster starring Steph Hayes and Adam Brodsky

Tin Angel

20 S. 2nd st.
philadelphia, pa 19125 uSA! usa!

phone: (215) 928-0978

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The two headed folk monster starring Steph Hayes and Adam Brodsky

On october11th. celebrate the anniversery assanation of Czar* Nicolas II and his german wife, hemophiliac kid and that greasy monk with the huge cock. But Adam, However shall I celebrate such a monumentious event for jewish atheists?" um...why with folk music of course!

join steph and me and steph taylor for night of a thousand stephs** steph taylor will be opening, and then steph and i will be taking the stage like the two headed folk monster and trading songs back and forth.

here's the real press release.

Permanent Records Presents

The Story of the Two-Headed Folk Monster
featuring  Steph Hayes & Adam Brodsky

Oct 11, 2008
@ The Tin Angel
20 S. 2nd St.
Philadelphia., PA 19106


For press inquires contact:  
Amanda Leahy  ·  267.254.0928  ·

Philadelphia, PA - October 11, 2008 - The Tin Angel
The Story of the Two-Headed Folk Monster

The Legend:
A two month vacation that turned into a four year hiatus, saw Adam Brodsky spending a good chunk of time at Guantanamo Bay using his special brand of folk music as an interrogation tool to locate weapons of mass destruction. Though boasting an extraordinary rate of efficacy, legal wranglings and the pussies in congress opted for waterboarding as a "more humane" means of information extraction. Meanwhile, Steph Hayes, stateside launched countrywide dorkhunt. Though she found no dork, she did find about 2 dozen road songs. Songs of cocaine whores, sleazy motels and unrequited love.

Irony being what it is, the wawa in fishtown brought these too together. "We must book a show at the Tin Angel", they sang out at once (in harmony).  This show is unprecedented in it's duality. Adam and Steph will be performing as The Two-Headed Folk Monster. On stage together, the show takes on the frenetic  energy of two songwriters double-booked in a coffee shop in Des Moines on a Tuesday.  Their thirteen year friendship makes even a big gigantic show such as this seem small, intimate even. They will be playing alone and together exhibiting a chemistry that is at once sexy and asexual. Join them for this very special evening...or risk waking up in a CIA prison in Cairo.

Steph Hayes Live CD Release
"Mostly True Stories"

Steph Hayes tours the country and writes everything down. Recorded live, "Mostly True Stories" includes 12 new songs about livin' on the road, sleazy motels, cocaine whores and unrequited love. Includes storytelling and audience participation.

Adam Brodsky returns to the Philly stage

Anti-Folk hero, Guinness World Record holder and record label owner Adam Brodsky returns to the Philadelphia stage. Adam has plans for a new a record in 09 and tours with Steph, to bring the dubious word back to the people. And so he formally returns to the stages of America. Starting with Tin Angel; sharing one of his favorite 8x8 squares with one of his favorite songwriters.

Adam Brodsky & Steph Hayes
"Mostly True Stories"

Saturday, October 11, 2008 - 7:00 PM

The Tin Angel
20 S. 2nd St.
Philadelphia, PA, 19106

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For reserved seating, make a dinner reservation downstairs at Serrano
Steph Hayes on YouTube "I Must Become A River, Not A Rock"

Adam Brodsky on YouTube "You're in the First Days of love"

**well, two

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