Saturday, April 08, 2006   8%3A00

jenkintown, pa

Last Chance at the Last Chance

the last chance cafe in jenkintown

539 san diego ave
jenkintown, pa

phone: 215-663-9338


Emerging from his secured bunker in a secret location, the dick cheney of folk music will be making a rare public appearance, playing some folk music, shooting someone in the face, and then dissapearing back into the foggy shadows.

this may be your last chance to see adam (if he shoots you in the face)

as you know the crime fighting and the pro bono liposuction have kept me pretty busy and i haven't been playing too many shows. So i'd really love to see a bunch of you at this intimate show.

you should call 215-663-9338 for reservations. ask for Jim or Sheila, 2 of the nicest dirty hippies you'll ever meet.

serioulsy it would be great to see you guys. and you can even request stuff. i'll play anything but the stupiest of the stupid songs (which should leave about 3% of my catalog avalable for you)

c'mon out


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