Thursday, May 13, 2004   19:30

bethlehem PA

thursday twofer

godfrey daniels

bethlehem PA

phone: 610.867.2390


Twofer Thursday:  ADam brodsky / Chris Chandler

Hide the children! This will not be a night for the politically correct, nor the faint of heart or sensitivity.

Adam Brodsky is a legend in Philly,  He sings and writes relentlessly and without compromise, saying what everyone wishes they had said. His music is a voice for oppressed rights, oppressed cubicle workers, and oppressed boyfriends everywhere. His outrageous style, clever wordplay, and gift for performance leaves a lasting impression and lots of laughter in its wake.

Chris Chandler is a rabble-rousing performance artist who is returning to Godfreys. He skewers pompous politicians, trailer park trash, credit card companies, and fast food indulgences. As likely to be standing on a table as he is to be on the stage, he will have you laughing and thinking at the same time, a dangerous combination.

As with all our Twofer Thursdays, it is satisfaction guaranteed, or your money back.


7 E. 4th st.

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