Saturday, May 08, 2004   21:00

philadelphia PA

XFS spring mosh

Hermitage Mansion in fairmont park

philadelphia PA


OK XFS do you WANT to miss the best party of the year ? If you do then we probably don't

WANT your sorry ass at our mosh anyway.  But if you're cool enough to be on this list

then you most likely DON'T WANT to miss it so you need to reserve a ticket NOW!!!!!!

Buy a ticket online at www.xfsmusic.orgxstore.asp   OR if you can't then

email us at   to have us save a ticket for you.

These are the specifics :

The 3rd Annual XFS Spring MOSH,  Saturday May 8th,  9pm til we kick your ass out !

It's a whole different mosh . . .

Ok not different where it matters,  we're still going to have free beer on tap , we're still going to satisfy your munchies (a very nice italian style snack table),  and it's still ALL about the MUSIC , just look at the awesome line up :

Cruel Sister -------- Adam Brodsky --------- BarleyJuice -------- Sunhill Down

But we have changed the MOSH around this year , we're moving to the Hermitage Mansion in Fairmount Park.   The MOSH will be outside, weather permitting, inside if it's not. What that DOES mean to you is that we need to limit the tickets, so if you don't want to miss the best party you've ever seen then you NEED to buy your ticket NOW , when they run out (which will arguably happen very soon) , they are gone and no amount of crying will get you in the door !!!!!  Order your tickets online by clicking here : BUY TICKETS  

Tickets MUST be purchased in advance : $15 XFS Members,   $20 General Public

(if you REALLY can't use the online store then email me at one of our board members may possibly have a ticket left and I will try and hook you up )

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